From Product to Industry, Longcheer Scientific Investment has Trailblazed a New Dimension Raising Path with Innovative Technology

With the upgrading of technologies, continuous improvement of associated infrastructures and constant maturity of application service market, intelligent products are constantly updated, and innovative intelligent products have had explosive growth in this field in recent years, which will become the next strategic area for global competition. As one of intelligent benchmarking enterprises, Longcheer Scientific Investment has been keeping up with the development trend of the industry, constantly focusing on technology and product innovation and leading the development of the industry.

Intelligent Product Industry has Attracted the Attention of Capital Market, and Technological Innovation has Become a Trend

The consumption upgrading makes the market demand of high-tech intelligent products in China constantly increase. Under the support of national policies and driving of emerging technologies such as 5G and AI, China's intelligent products have been optimized and upgraded in recent years, and the intelligent product industry has gradually developed into one of the most active industries, attracting intensive attention from the capital market.

The accelerated upgrading of cutting-edge technologies not only expands the application depth and breadth of mobile terminal devices such as smart phones and tablet computers, but also gives birth to a broader market demand, such as the frequent emergences of new smart products such as smart homes, intelligent wear and VR/AR devices. However, due to the short iteration period of new technologies in the industry, the breakthrough of cutting-edge technologies can often produces a subversive impact on the overall competition pattern of the market. Therefore, accelerating the reduction of dependence on foreign cutting-edge technologies and breakthroughs & innovations is common challenge faced by China's intellectual product industry.

Tracing back to the development and evolution of the ODM industry, it is mainly due to the improvement of the intelligent product industry chain and the continuous refinement of the division of labor in the global industry chain. Terminal brand parties gradually outsource the R&D, design or manufacturing of their main products to professional ODM manufacturers. So far, technologies and production capacities are still the key factors for brand parties to choose partners. However the technologies and manufacturing capacities of more intelligent product types and lean outputs with "low cost and high yield" are still keys to winning market recognition.

Focusing on technical upgrading, Longcheer takes into account products and production lines with "innovative thinking"

In recent years, the epitaxial and boundary of intellectual product industry have been expanding, and the coverage of brand parties’ products have become more and more extensive, which determines that manufacturers need to have strong technical lateral transfer capability in product research and development to quickly respond to the new demand of industry and clients for products.

Due to influence of the domestic epidemic and global inflation, the market demand of the mobile phone industry was sluggish in the first half of 2022. However, according to the Global Smartphone ODM Tracker and Report (H1, 2022) released by Counterpoint in September, the market share of Longcheer Scientific Investment accounts for 25%, with a 23% increase than that of the first half of 2021. It is understood that under the background of the overall market downturn, Longcheer's contrarian growth is mainly benefited from the achievements of Longcheer's continuous innovation in product technology, lean manufacturing and production line technology. According to relevant data, in terms of product technology, Longcheer's R&D team has achieved excellent performance with minimum space through refined size analysis technology of product architecture; in terms of lean manufacturing, intelligent testing technology effectively improves the production line operation efficiency and product yield, and the testing laboratory has passed the ISO/IEC17025 laboratory certification; in terms of production line technology, Longcheer has also improved the production line with "innovative technology", promoting the intelligent manufacturing being constructed into regional learning model. Thus this is not only the one-dimensional growth of business lines, but also the spontaneous evolution and mature performance of enterprise intelligent manufacturing ecology.

It is reported that Longcheer Scientific Investment has also applied intelligent technologies to investment in infrastructure upgrading and basic technology research. Following the four R&D centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Huizhou and Nanchang, Hefei R&D Center was officially put in use in 2022, and thus the R&D strength of the enterprise has steadily improved.

Intelligent manufacturing ecology gradually maturing Longcheer's road of upgrading dimension from product to industry

As one of leading enterprises of ODM industry, Longcheer Scientific Investment not only has advanced manufacturing system and global capacity layout with large-scale, high-efficiency and high-quality manufacturing capacity, but also wins the market and innovates and empowers the industry development with deep customer trust and forward-looking strategic decisions.

It is understood that Longcheer Scientific Investment has been recognized by many brand parties, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Honor, OPPO, vivo, Lenovo, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Post Communication and so on, with its leading industry position, outstanding R&D and design capabilities, supply chain management capabilities and quality management capabilities throughout the whole production process.

In order to meet the more diverse demand of industry customers, Longcheer actively upgraded its development strategy to lead the enterprise forward. In product line structure, it focuses on the "1+Y" strategy, that is, with smart phones as the core, it simultaneously expands to tablet computers, wearing XR, TWS, automotive electronics and other fields. According to the management involved, Longcheer has started internal changes since 2019: integrating organizational capabilities, optimizing production processes, infiltrating digital management, and helping the rapid advancement and landing of business and strategy.

For decades, under the background of localization, as the ODM enterprise, the key node of the consumer electronics industry chain, it has continuously increased their R&D strength from production to manufacturing, from low-cost production to "innovation driving" so as to lay out the industry upstream and help the industry innovation. In response to customer needs and upstream and downstream partnerships, Longcheer has also developed its own intelligent manufacturing management system, in order to empower production with digital technology.

As an irreplaceable force in the consumer electronics industry chain and supply chain, ODM enterprises, represented by Longcheer Scientific Investment, have had contrarian growth with technological innovation, multi-party cooperation and joint research with customers, even faced with the epidemic challenge. It can be said that this is not only the result of Longcheer's progress towards intelligent manufacturing, but also the result of industrial synergy and "joint force" after technological breakthrough and opening up of industrial chain. It has not only won in single-point innovation, but has actually found a way to upgrade the dimension across "product-industry" process.