Jiangxi Provincial Party Secretary Yin Hong visited Longcheer Science and Technology Park in Nanchang, and encouraged the enterprise to seize opportunities


 On January 28, Yin Hong, Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, visited Longcheer Science and Technology Park in Nanchang together with Li Hongjun, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee, and Shi Wenbin, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary-General of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, providing guidance to the enterprise.

 Secretary Yin Hong and his delegation visited the exhibition hall and intelligent production lines of Longcheer Science and Technology Park on that day. Du Junhong, chairman of Longcheer Group, accompanied the guests and reported the development achievements of the enterprise in Nanchang in recent years. Secretary Yin Hong carefully observed the products, inspected the production lines, and inquired about technological innovation and talent introduction in detail. He stressed that “We should strengthen the role of enterprises in innovation, vigorously introduce and train talents around the industrial and innovation chains, constantly upgrade products and iterate technologies, and accelerate the high-end, intelligent, and green development of the industry.”

      In recent years, Longcheer kept strengthening intelligent construction. From the organizational construction to the introduction and training of talents, the enterprise has not only carried out the top-level design, but also continuously improved the production lines through the integration of production and research and the innovation of education and research. In 2022, the production lines of Longcheer in Nanchang realized the unmanned assembly test and appearance automatic inspection of key materials of mobile phones and tablets, as well as the comprehensive replacement of manual loading and unloading by manipulator.

The relevant person in charge of the enterprise made a detailed report to Secretary Yin Hong about the second phase of the current key construction project. Talking about the current project progress and future planning, Secretary Yin Hong said encouragingly: "Enterprises need to capture opportunities and lean in for their development, striving for early commencement, early production and early results of the project".

 Mr. Du said that the intelligent construction of Longcheer cannot be successfully achieved without the attention of the government, and the company has formulated medium- and long-term construction plans and goals for the further investment and development in Nanchang in the future. The essence of intelligence is both "customer-centric" and on-demand production. Longcheer will seize the opportunity to invest in the construction of intelligent manufacturing, and play the leading role as a regional advanced intelligent manufacturer.