Longcheer and Qualcomm Announce Strategic Collaboration to Explore New Path for Future Development

Recently, Longcheer announced its strategic collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to cooperate in multiple device categories and product fields. Through this collaboration, Longcheer hopes to grow their presence in the smartphone segment across multiple tiers of Snapdragon® mobile platforms with 4G and 5G connectivity.  The parties are also looking to expand their collaboration in PCs, XR terminals and automotive fields in the future, as well as  develop devices powered by Snapdragon® Compute Platforms and Snapdragon XR Platforms, and explore the application of Snapdragon® Automotive Cockpit Platforms in Longcheer’s relevant automotive projects.

Du Junhong, Chairman of Longcheer Group, stated, “With the transformation of the consumer segment and the development of technology, the expansion and diversification of product businesses and the integration of technologies and resources are essential to the sustainable development of a company. This strategic collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies is an important step for Longcheer to follow the market trend and plan ahead for its development strategy. Qualcomm Technologies is the world’s leading wireless technology innovator, delivering technology advancements in automotive, IoT and computing. This strategic collaboration will facilitate the upgrade of Longcheer’s mobile technology and application, and empower Longcheer’s future product development strategy,” said Zhengang Ge, CEO of Longcheer. “We believe this cooperation between industry leaders will help drive manufacturing process innovations and production, as well as design capability enhancements, to better fulfill customers’ needs and empower the development of new technologies as the smart product enters a new era. We greatly appreciate Qualcomm Technologies’ support, and we look forward to this long-term collaboration in pursuit of win-win results in the future.”

“Digital transformation is one of the most significant trends to have emerged in recent years. Qualcomm is uniquely positioned to empower a rich range of edge devices and enable new transformative growth for multiple industries,” said Jim Cathey, Chief Commercial Officer of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We’re excited to work with Longcheer to bring more innovative products to the market with our industry leading technologies and products in mobile, PCs, XR and  automotive in order to create excellent user experiences and to deliver impactful solutions for an increasingly digital world.”

As a global leading provider of smart products and services, Longcheer has strengthened and expanded its market position and share in traditional ODM categories like smartphones following the industry trend in recent years. Meanwhile, it continuously extends its business in the AIoT segment such as smartwatches and AR/VR, and has become a trusted partner of smart product brands and technology firms. Longcheer not only features an advanced manufacturing system, global production capacity deployment and large-scale, high-efficiency, high-quality manufacturing capabilities but also continues to invest in innovative R&D to improve the new products and lead the development of the industry.